Denise Buckley Sculptor

My earliest memory is one of collecting objects and papers to put together to make a doll.  I cannot remember a time when I was not using a form of art to communicate.  Through direct observation I am able to render, remember and absorb what lies before me.  I look and I listen then, I interpret, internalize, and respond by creating sculpture.

My history is reflected in my work, my relationships with people, the environment, and thoughts which all come together while I am in the studio. The safety of the studio is where I can push, pull, pound, form and distort materials into the human form, into my voice, into me.  I make figurative objects sometimes they are beautiful sometimes not.  The work is personal yet speaks to universal themes of beauty, power, hardship, and compassion as defined by different cultures, both past and present.  The people I come in contact within my daily life as well as my travels inspire me.  I people watch trying to discover in their facial features, their inner character, and temperament.  By sketching these people, I try to capture their inner souls and translate them into sculptural portraits.

Although, the physiognomy of people captures my attention, the materials I use bring the pieces to life.  I love the processes used in sculpture and I get lost in the visceral experience of those materials. No matter the process or technique, my approach to sculpture is to capture the inner spirit of my subjects.